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The MoDe brochure is available for download.

The MoDe proposal aims to increase transport competitiveness by increasing the vehicle uptime. Proposing a global uptime based transport solution will help to maintain vehicles at their optimal condition.

Vehicle uptime depends on the ability to decrease the“failure” time. Even if part of the“failure” time is dedicated to service done by the technicians, the other part mainly concerns wasted time (wait for diagnostic technician, wait for parts, wait for payment procedures…). Providing the right information (i.e. failure cause description, vehicle location) will suppress the major part of this wasted time. Moreover, indirect consequences could be the reduction of congestion and accidents (by avoiding long period of immobilization on the roadside).

MoDe will contribute to CO2 emission reduction thanks to a more relevant monitoring of vehicle components health status and remaining life time. This obviously includes some important engine and transmission items.

Thanks to the development of early breakdown detection based on powerful vehicle monitoring abilities, MoDe intends to reduce the commercial vehicle contribution to road congestion by guiding the vehicle to a “safe” and more appropriate place to repair the vehicle before the actual breakdown happens.

Project Run Time: September 1, 2009 – August 31, 2012

Project Reference: SCP8-GA-2009-233890

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